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Building a Healthy Food System for LA: Strategic Priorities 2012-2013

Good Food Office & L.A. Food Policy Council | 2012 – 2013

A report containing the 2012-2013 strategic priorities for the City of Los Angeles Good Food Office and the Los Angeles Food Policy Council.

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USDA Food Hub Research, Releases, Blog Posts, and Articles

USDA | 03.01.12

This site lists recent research, blog posts, articles and press releases related to Food Hubs.

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The Common Market Feasibility Study

National Good Food Network | 03.01.12

Tests the premise that a values-driven wholesale distributor of food grown in the Philadelphia region can catalyze the necessary infrastructure to both supply the wholesale needs of the Philadelphia market and incentivize regional farmers to grow and sell more product regionally.

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The Farm Bill: Better Food Starts Here

Food & Water Watch | 01.01.12

Details what a “fair” Farm Bill means for citizens, farmers and the environment and what you can do about it.

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Do Farm Subsidies Cause Diabetes?: Dispelling Common Myths About Public Health and the Farm Bill

Food & Water Watch | 10.18.11

Examines the public health and agricultural economics literature as well as primary and secondary agriculture policy documents. Based on this analysis, the paper finds no evidence of a relationship between subsidies and the overproduction of commodity crops, or between subsidies and obesity. Instead, this paper finds that the deregulation of commodity markets – not subsidies – has had a significant impact on the price of commodities. Deregulation also has provided benefits and incentives to the food industry, including processors, marketers and retailers, and is one of a number of contributing factors impacting the availability of high-calorie processed foods in the marketplace.

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Building Regional Produce Supply Chains

Farmsreach | 08.01.11

Revealed numerous systemic issues that must be addressed to build regional supply chains, in addition to many opportunities for innovation, investment and policy change.

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Market Forces: Creating Jobs through Public Investment in Local and Regional Food Systems

Union of Concerned Scientists | 07.27.11

Reviews recent research on local and regional foods systems and their economic effects and recommends policy changes.

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Food Hubs: Viable Regional Distribution Solutions

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA Food and Nutrition Service, Project for Public Spaces, Inc. | 06.22.11

This presentation outlines the different models of food hubs, which are pivotal for the re-regionalization of the food system.

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Agricultural Value Chain for California

Center of Excellence | 06.01.11

Provides data on the agricultural value chain, as well as short and long-term occupational projections for the value chain. Recommends opportunities for developing and implementing training programs within local labor markets.

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Funding Opportunities for Investing in Family Farm-Centered Food Systems

Farm Aid | 01.01.11

Highlights federal money that can be harnessed to create thriving local and regional food systems.

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Promoting Sustainable Food Systems Through Impact Investing

The Springcreek Foundation | 01.01.11

Scans the landscape of sustainable food investment opportunities, including current challenges to investing in this sector.

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Improving the Food Environment Through Nutrition Standards: A Guide for Government Procurement

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | 02.01.11

Provides practical guidance to states and localities for use when developing, adopting, implementing, and evaluating a food procurement policy.

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Sustainable Food Policy- Guide to Developing Procurement Policies

Food Alliance, Health Care Without Harm, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Oregon Center for Environmental Health | 01.01.11

Helps educational, health care and other institutional and commercial food buyers develop purchasing policies that support social and environmental responsibility in agriculture and the food industry.

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Understanding Healthy Procurement: Using Government’s Purchasing Power to Increase Access to Healthy Food

Public Health Law and Policy | 01.01.11

Guide shows how governments can adopt healthier procurement policies to help improve public health, lower overall costs, and provide leadership for the private sector to do the same.

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Sustainable Food Purchasing Guide

Yale | 01.01.11

Guide offers pratical advice to institutions on sourcing from sustainable farms and establishes best and worst practices in the field.

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Code of Conduct for Sustainable Tomato Suppliers

Bon Appetit Management Company | 01.01.11

Outlines Bon Appetit’s specifications for sustainable tomato suppliers.

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Assessing the San Diego County Food System: Indicators for a More Food Secure Future

San Diego Food System Working Group | 12.01.10

Multi-stakeholder effort examining the overall viability of the food system in San Diego County and identifying key steps necessary to strengthen the foundation for a thriving local food system.

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A California Network of Regional Food Hubs: A Vision Statement and Strategic Implementation Plan

Urban & Environmental Policy Institute | 09.01.10

Outlines a vision and implementation plan for an improved regional wholesale marketing system in California.

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Local Food Systems: Concepts, Impacts, and Issues

Economic Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture | 05.01.10

Explores alternative definitions of local food, estimates market size and reach, describes the characteristics of local consumers and producers, and examines early indications of the economic and health impacts of local food systems.

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Food waste remains persistent problem at farms, grocery stores and restaurants

California Watch | 03.31.10

Article examines the extensive waste in our food system along every step of the supply chain; despite laws and tax incentives that encourage food donations.

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Energy Use in the U.S. Food System

Economic Research Service, USDA | 03.01.10

This study estimates that food accounts for 15.7% of all energy use in the U.S.

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The Food Commons: Building a National Network of Localized Food Systems

Food Commons | 03.01.10

Describes the Food Commons, a large-scale systems design for local and regional food based on principles and organized around three central elements- the Trust, Bank and Food Hub.

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Beyond the USDA: How other government agencies can support a healthier, more sustainable food system

Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy | 02.01.10

Summarizes the roles that key federal departments and agencies, other than USDA, play in America’s food system.

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Food Policy Councils: Lessons Learned

Food First, Community Food Security Coalition. Economic Research Service, USDA | 12.16.09

An assessment based on an in-depth survey of 48 Food Policy Councils established in North America over the past 30 years and offers recommendations for developing lasting and effective FPCs.

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Fresh Food Distribution Models for the Greater Los Angeles Region

Urban & Environmental Policy Institute | 03.01.08

Assesses the opportunities and barriers to scaling up the distribution of locally grown fruits and vegetables in the greater Los Angeles region.

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Changing the Public Conversation about Social Problems: Food Systems

Frameworks Institute | 01.01.06

Discusses how to reframe food system dialogue to encourage greater understanding and support.

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