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Community Based Federal Environmental Justice Resource Guide

Federal Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice | 01.01.11

Source of information for individuals and organizations working in communities overburdened by the adverse health impacts of exposure to toxics where they live, work and play. The programs included in this guide are focused on resources that would assist communities with technical or financial assistance to reduce exposure. Guide provides information on financial and technical assistance programs for food related work, particularly from the Department of Agriculture.

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Farm Subsidies in California: Skewed Priorities and Gross Inequities

Environmental Working Group | 01.01.10

Although cotton and rice constitute a tiny portion of California’s nation-leading farm production, those two crops – rather than the state’s vast harvest of fruits and vegetables – continue to get the lion’s share of federal farm subsidies in the state.

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Sustaining California Agriculture in an Uncertain Future

The Pacific Institute | 07.01.09

Offers a positive vision for California agriculture and water – a vision of a sustainable, healthy agricultural community.

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 “Unequivocal” – How climate change will transform California

University of California Agriculture | 04.01.09

Articles address how changes in global climate will influence California agriculture and offers alternative production practices to decrease greenhouse gases.

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Why Worry About Agriculture in the Middle?

Fred Kirschemann et al. | 01.01.05

Over 80% of farmland in the U.S. is managed by farmers whose operations fall between small-scale direct markets and large, consolidated firms. These farmers are increasingly left out of our food system. This paper emphasizes the importance of ensuring mid-sized farmers survive and flourish.

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