2017 LAFPC Food System Dashboard (beta)


Food is integral to the health and quality of life of individuals and communities. Healthy food is nutritious, delicious and safe. Healthy food meets recommended dietary guidelines and supports the body’s ability to fight disease and heal. All people deserve access to healthy food that is affordable, conveniently availability and culturally relevant.

2013 Snapshot Food System Topic Areas:

  • Health
  • Retail Food Environment

Case Study: Fruit + Veggie Voucher Programs

Case Study: Healthy Neighborhood Market

Commentary: Building Demand

Commentary: Cultivating Supply

Key Findings

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 Key Findings


Map of Healthy Food Access in Los Angeles County

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Map of Healthy Food Consumption & Outcomes in Los Angeles County

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Case Studies

Case Study: Fruit + Veggie Voucher Programs – Coming soon! 

Case Study: Healthy Neighborhood Market


Building Demand for Good Food: Gwendolyn Flynn, LAFPC Leadership Board

A Note to Impact Investors – Turning Good Food Investments into Health Outcomes: Daniel Tellalian, Avivar Capital

Food for Thought

Health is a priority for Good Food advocates in Los Angeles, with a focus on eliminating disparities in diet-related disease face low-income communities and communities of color. Diets high in sugar, sodium, and saturated fats – typically from highly processed food products and limited in high-nutrient fresh produce and other whole foods– has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer and overweight and obesity. Not all communities live in neighborhoods where “the healthy choice is the easy choice,” and instead are surrounded by unhealthy food retail such as liquor stores, convenience stores and fast food restaurants. Through the numerous policy, systems and environmental changes led by stakeholders throughout the LAFPC network, we are collectively innovating solutions for overcoming systemic barriers to healthy food access– tailoring these innovations to the unique dynamics of the communities that we serve.

The impacts of our collective work to create a healthy food system take time to manifest. While we have made progress in some short-term outcomes measuring healthy food access, we must make significant strides to achieve most of our long-term goals for reduced disparities, improved health behaviors, and better health outcomes. As we continue to evolve our local approaches to address the complex, global, systemic impediments to health in our food system, it is imperative that we synergize our efforts and arm ourselves with as much information as possible to help guide our work.

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