Working Groups

Healthy Food Retail + Food Equity

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The Healthy Food Retail / Food Equity (HFR) Working Group is a troubleshooting and networking space for Healthy Food Retail/Food Equity stakeholders.

The purpose of this working group is to keep stakeholders up to speed on our respective efforts, share best practices, and build our individual and collective capacity to expand healthy food access through innovative, social mission driven food businesses.

Stakeholders connect in this space to advise on policy opportunities, further research, and to deepen systems level impact on food access in Los Angeles.

The HFR Working Group’s stakeholders are:
Healthy Food Retailers
“Market makeover” practitioners
HFR lenders, financial partners
Retail experts
Community leaders
Health / nutrition advocates
Public agencies
Food policy analysts, researchers

Co-Chairs: Breanna Morrison, Esther Park

Working Group Projects

2012 – present: Healthy Neighborhood Market Network

2013 – present: Healthy Food Retail Policy Recommendations for City of LA

2014: Movement Building Salons

More About Movement Building Salons:

In order to expand food access in under-served communities, we need to link a broad range of socially minded healthy food retailers (HFRs)—CSAs, pop-up produce stands, community gardens, healthy neighborhood markets, healthy street food vendors, and other food enterprises—with diverse food equity advocates—food relief groups, community health/nutrition educators, food retail lenders, public agencies, “market makeover” practitioners, food policy experts, community organizers—to share best practices, and advance systems level strategies and policy solutions. The Healthy Food Retail + Food Equity Movement Building Salon series is a space for exploring that connection.

717banner_editEach Movement Building Salon will apply the group’s combined knowledge, experience, skills and tools to the task of addressing one common issue in healthy food retail. We hope that every stakeholder will walk away from the gatherings better equipped to tackle that common issue individually, and multiply their impact as part of a collective movement for food equity.

Salon topics and discussion notes below:

  • (6/19/2014) Best practices in creating supply & demand for healthy food,
  • (7/17/2014) financing for food social enterprises,
  • market makeover lessons learned,
  • innovative connections to existing small business resources,
  • the feasibility of cooperative purchasing,
  • policy opportunities for incentivizing healthy food retail,
  • establishing an equity framework of the LAFPC working groups to ensure it is a central part of all working group projects.

The networking, resource sharing and discussion around each topic should add real value to our efforts to expand healthy food access in under-served communities.

For more information, contact Esther at healthymarket[at]goodfoodla[dot]org or 213-473-9739.