Stephanie Gomez


PROGRAM ASSOCIATE, Healthy Neighborhood Market Network

Stephanie Gomez is a Program Associate at the Los Angeles Food Policy Council. She leads community outreach, curriculum development, and one-on-one capacity-building for store owners in the Healthy Neighborhood Market Network (HNMN). Specifically, she provides technical support to store owners involved in COMPRA, a purchasing cooperative that distributes produce to neighborhood markets in underserved communities. Stephanie supports neighborhood market and corner store owners to: develop “healthy food action plans;” connect with existing resources in the business sector; and broker collaborative partnerships between their store and local neighborhood institutions. Stephanie also supports the Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign.  She previously worked as a Program Coordinator for Families In Schools where she supported the Los Angeles Grade Level Reading Campaign and provided technical assistance to nonprofit organizations in the Families Improving Education Initiative. Prior to that, she served as a policy consultant for the California Healthy Food Financing Initiative Council of the Treasurer’s Office. Stephanie earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology from UCLA and her master’s degree in Public Policy from USC. Email: Tel: (213) 473 3532