Karen Law



Karen Law is currently LA Food Policy Council’s UCLA Luskin Leadership Fellow. Her fellowship focuses on supporting and expanding the LAFPC’s Good Food Purchasing Program. The Good Food Purchasing Program clear standards and strategic support to empower major institutions to procure local, sustainable, fair and humanely produced foods, while improving access to healthy, high-quality food for all communities. Karen is currently a dual degree graduate student in Social Welfare and Public Policy. As a student in both departments, Karen will focus her studies on the evaluation and development of programs that support vulnerable communities and advance social justice.  She is particularly interested in the intersection of social justice, food systems, and public health and sees issues of hunger and access to healthy food as consequences of larger systemic, social inequalities.

Prior to starting her studies at UCLA, Karen lived in New York City where she worked with anti-hunger and mental health nonprofits. She holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in International Development Studies. Tel: (213) 473 3546