Camille de la Vega


As the Operations and Communications Coordinator, Camille de la Vega manages the communication, administrative, and event planning needs of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council. With a background in public relations, she has worked alongside various social change-based organizations including agencies, startups and nonprofits to promote consumer awareness of systemic issues. Camille graduated Magna Cum Laude from USC with a B.S. in Policy, Planning and Development and an emphasis in sustainable planning. As part of her undergraduate education, Camille conducted research while abroad in Argentina on the consumer framework for organic goods, analyzing consumer-producer dynamics and operations to assess support needs pertaining to consumer education and policy. Her findings reflect the power of solidarity and appreciation for one’s neighbor demonstrated by the unified, self-regulating network of consumers, producers and vendors she worked alongside. Her research is one of four projects chosen from her cohort that is published in the SIT World Learning Database. Email: Tel: (213) 473 3528