LAFPC Organizational Structure

The Los Angeles Food Policy Council leverages its unique structure and placement as an independent multi-stakeholder initiative located within the Mayor’s Office to advance innovative food policies.  The 40-member Food Policy Council and its staff serve as the “backbone” organization for the initiative. Additionally, 500 individual stakeholders and over 150 organizations from the public, private, nonprofit and academic sectors extend the reach of LAFPC in the greater Los Angeles community.

LAFPC Council Members

At the core of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council are staff members and council members who guide the organization.  The council, with approximately 40 members, has a diversity of food system stakeholders who are interested in providing leadership and creating systemic change.  Through LAFPC, council members build relationships and work together to make good food a reality for all Angelenos.

The LAFPC Working Groups

The Los Angeles Food Policy Council facilitates seven Working Groups which act as subcommittees, each dedicated to a categorical goal of the “Good Food for All Agenda.”  The Working Groups meet at least every other month to develop new projects, events and policy recommendations.  Each Working Group elects a chair to facilitate the process, and Food Policy Council members participate in the Working groups.