Leadership & Advisory Boards


Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

Timikel Sharpe is an experienced professional with over 30 years experience in Administration and Operations.  Timikel began her career with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in January 2006 as a Senior Food Services Supervisor.  Soon after she began working in the Food Services Branch, Ms. Sharpe was approached and asked by the LAUSD Business Manager and the retiring Food Services Director to serve in the position of Interim Director, Food Services.

She led the Branch through the transition of the meal application process from manual to computerization and at the same time conceptualized and spearheaded the implementation of the computerization of financial reporting with the implementation of an interim system –Food Services Data Capture (FSDC).  Working with the District’s IT Department, she established a team of Food Services staff to create the first on-line Summer Application System. Ms. Sharpe saw a clear picture of where the Food Services Branch needed to reach and strategically identified additional positions that would be essential in responding to the challenges of the future.  Ms. Sharpe, along with the Interim Deputy Director, Laura Benavidez, presented that vision and successfully re-organized the Food Services Branch by revising class descriptions for existing positions, thus increasing the level of skills, experience, and abilities necessary for the Branch to hire only those individuals with the capacity to achieve the challenges they knew would come.

Ms. Sharpe, a solid leader and developer of people, awaited the opportunity to take the role of a newly created position – Deputy Director responsible for Human Resources.  While leading the Food Services Division’s HR Department, she worked collaboratively with the District’s Human Resources Team, Personnel Commission, Legal Teams, EEOC, and others.  Through her leadership, the Food Services Division now has its first integrated Human Resources Department that provides training and development for all (over 4200 staff) Food Services employees through video, web, class room and live trainings.

Ms. Sharpe has vast experience with school food programs in both the public and private sectors, including food service management of retail and military facilities.  She holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Nutritional Science and has taught at the adult college level, providing training for companies and government agencies.  Ms. Sharpe understands the value of Integrated People Development Systems and People Strategies. She was selected to and still participates on the Advisory Committee on Training Needs for the National Food Services Management Institute (NFSMI).

Ms. Sharpe continues to assist the Director of the Food Services Division at LAUSD in leading the second largest school district’s lunch program,  providing innovative ideas, and overseeing all operational activities of the School Breakfast, National School Lunch and Child and Adult Care Feeding Programs to mention a few of the daily responsibilities.  Ms. Sharpe is a member of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council collaborating with the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office to strengthen the awareness and advancement of healthy eating to the students and citizens of Los Angeles.