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McGrath Family Farms

“My name is Phil McGrath and I am a fifth generation farmer from Oxnard. We are located 55 miles north of Los Angeles and 7 miles from the coast, which creates a Mediterranean type climate for growing year round. With this tremendous advantage, my goal to all my markets is to grow as many things as possible in their season. We grow everything from strawberries and baby vegetables to legumes and flowers. This is not only attractive to our customers, but it is also advantageous to our sustainable growing methods of crop diversity and rotation. We take great pride in supplying our customers with the freshest organic fruits and vegetables. Most all of our products are picked the same day as delivery, with a guarantee that nothing is over 24 hours old. We are very interested in special order growing for hard to get items (celeric, rappini, etc). We are open to any suggestions to our marketing techniques. We would like to encourage you to visit our farm! We do many farm tours and specialize in farm education for children. The practical lessons I have learned on the farm serve me well in my work with various regulatory agencies and boards. I hope to be an important voice for the farm community.”