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Inspired by celebrity chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, Leah Ross leads the public relations and marketing team for Border Grill restaurants and Truck, as well as the environmental program with a major focus on sustainable seafood.  Her appreciation of the natural world was cultivated growing up in the Pacific Northwest with parents who supported environmental causes and kept a substantial, backyard garden on their 13-acre farm.  After moving to Southern California for a degree in Broadcast Journalism, ten years working on TV series and films as a production coordinator, and attending culinary school, Leah landed a coveted job with Chefs Mary Sue and Susan completely by a quirk of fate.  Turns out Leah’s cousin met Chef Mary Sue on a white water rafting trip in Canada and one thing led to another, culminating in a career change for Leah and an  eight-year stint at Border Grill.  Leah is passionate about educating customers, friends, chefs, and restaurateurs alike about environmental issues, and as a life-long vegetarian but recent “opportunarian”, Leah is excited to finally understand what’s so great about sushi–sustainable, of course!

Why does sustainability matter to you? 

“I truly believe we are making a difference with our influence and environmental policy at Border Grill.  It’s so important to me to know that I’m giving future generations a chance at experiencing and enjoying the world as I do now, especially when it comes to food choices.”

How do you get people to change their habits?

“By enticing and educating restaurant guests with delicious sustainable dishes, we have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression, but it goes beyond that.  I am so lucky to be working with Chefs Mary Sue and Susan in spreading the word about Seafood Watch and other environmental issues in food magazines, on TV, in social media, and at cooking classes.”