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Coosemans Shipping of Los Angeles

An executive chef for almost two decades, Jill works as Corporate Executive Chef and Director of Business and Culinary Development for Coosemans Shipping of Los Angeles, an international specialty produce company.  After attending UMASS-Amherst and graduating with honors from the Culinary Institute of America, she launched her career in New York City by helping to open Osteria del Circo, the sister restaurant of Le Cirque.  She was the Executive Sous Chef at the Telluride Film Festival for five years and has worked as opening Executive Banquet Chef at The Getty Museum, Brentwood, CA; Executive Chef at DreamWorks Studios, Burbank, CA; Executive Chef at McMurdo Station in Antarctica and Executive Sous Chef at the Ross School in Easthampton, Long Island.  In addition to her position with Coosemans Shipping, Jill is an industry consultant for Occidental College and UEPI’s Center for Food and Justice; she helped to develop and launch one of the nation’s first Farm-to-WIC programs, connecting urban mothers and children with local small farm produce.  She is also a hospitality consultant for adventure lodges and small resorts and accepts engagements as a public speaker and a foodways lifestyle educator.  She is one of the principle authors of the innovative purchasing document produced by an LA Food Policy working group: Good Food Purchasing Guidelines for Food Service Institutions.

A woman who has always chosen to incorporate activity and sports into her life – her career is a reflection of a belief in a healthy lifestyle.  By working to forward small-farm, sustainable and organic produce in a larger world of commodities, Jill keeps a thread of outdoor and environmental activism woven in her vocation.  An educator who is focused on teaching Sustainability, Regionality, and Seasonality, Jill informs consumers and clients about the best possible food and culinary choices based on access, season, budget and interest. Jill states that she works as an interpreter and translator of information for chefs, consumers, product buyers and menu developers and the not-for-profit food justice community

Jill is a volunteer with HoPe Veterinary Clinic and other regional animal rescue organizations.  During time off with her two rescued pitbulls; she presses one into duty as a Pet Partners Therapy dog and visits Children’s Hospital of L.A..  She has visited all seven continents and has found many favorite places around the world to eat and cook. Jill lives in Torrance, CA and grows her own tomatoes.