Leadership & Advisory Boards

Frank Tamborello

Executive DirectorHunger Action Los Angeles

Frank Tamborello- Hunger Action LA spent several years in the printing trade before getting involved in issues affecting low-income people. He worked with Texans United on a successful campaign to prevent a utility rate hike in Houston (1989). He spent nine months in Angola with Development Aid from People to People developing a school for street children (1991). He worked with Houston and Dallas ACORN on a variety of campaigns. (1992-1993) then worked on the Childhood Hunger Identification Project (1993) before migrating to Los Angeles. Arriving with little more than the shirt on his back, Frank landed a career with the LA Coalition to End Hunger & Homelessness (1997 -2006) where he worked on hunger legislative issues, edited the “Peoples Guide to Welfare Health and Other Services”, and helped develop the Hollywood Community Action Network.

Beginning July 2006 this hunger related work was moved to a newly formed organization, Hunger Action L.A. His current food and nutrition related work includes:

  • Advocacy on state and city issues related to food and hunger including the city’s new ordinance requiring municipal facilities to donate surplus food to charities: training of groups of low income residents and service providers on various proposals on the state level and the impact of the state budget on hunger and poverty
  • Development of incentive programs allowing low income people to purchase more fresh fruits and vegetables, including the Market Match program now operating at 12 farmers markets in Los Angeles County.

Organizing and educating groups and individuals on outreach for the food stamp program, defense of the right of charities to feed hungry persons in public, promotion of farmer’s markets and community gardens, and access to healthy food for schools. Continuing the publication of “The People’s Guide to Welfare Health and Other Services,” With over 100,000 copies distributed each year through the LA County Department of Public Social Services.