Announcing Food Day LA at City Hall: The Future of Food

In celebration of the launch of the NEW Good Food for All Agenda, the Los Angeles Food Policy Council invites all Angelenos to help bring our collective vision for the #FutureofFood to LIFE on #FoodDayLA this October 24th at LA City Hall.

Come ready to share and explore our city’s most forward-thinking, visionary ideas on the #FutureOfFood! Join us in recognizing the City Council’s Good Food Champions and food policy wins of 2017, bringing us closer to Good Food for All.

Food Day is a national event designed to raise awareness of food system issues, such as health, hunger, worker justice, animal welfare and the environment. Food Day LA is one of over 5,000 Food Day events happening nationwide!

Hear from elected officials, show support for the Good Food for All Agenda, and see the top projects at the #FutureOfFood showcase at LA City Hall!


10-11am | Council Chambers: Food Day Presentation + GoodFood Champions
11am-2pm | South Lawn: Future of Food Showcase (ft. innovative projects, the release of the NEW Good Food for All Agenda, and showcase winners announced!)

*lunch will be provided with registration