NEWLY RELEASED: 2017 LAFPC Food System Dashboard (beta)


The Los Angeles Food System Dashboard is a tool for to better understand the local and regional food supply chain in Southern California, from farm to compost bin, and its impacts on the health and quality of life..

Building on the  Los Angeles Food System Snapshot in 2013, the Food System Dashboard utilizes both quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate progress in achieving a healthier, greener and more equitable food system in Los Angeles over time. The Los Angeles Food Policy Council produced the Food System Dashboard for organizations, agencies, policymakers and the general public to guide our strategy and measure our impact in achieving “Good Food for All.” The Dashboard is a longitudinal research initiative that will be updated regularly every four to five years 


While comprehensive in scope, the Dashboard is neither a complete nor perfect measurement tool. The Dashboard should be viewed as one of many resources utilized to assess changes in Los Angeles’s food system, identify gap and guide the Good Food Movement’s future strategies and priorities.

The Dashboard strives to assist all Los Angeles food system stakeholders—residents, community organizers, government officials and staff, practitioners, nonprofits, and businesses—with metrics to evaluate the efficacy of current initiatives and to advance transformative policy and systems changes. Indicators included in this Dashboard are organized by our Good Food values: healthy, sustainable, affordable and fair.

At the core of each Good Food Value is equity— ensuring that all people, regardless of their income, race, identity, sexuality, age,  gender, ability or background can access Good Food and are treated fairly as participants of the food system. Equity drives the Dashboard’s progress evaluation through the incorporation of disaggregated data based on neighborhood, race and ethnicity, income and age.

For any questions or comments about our data and analysis, please contact Policy Director Breanna Hawkins at  

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