Food Futures: Building the New Good Food for All Agenda









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How can we ensure that every Angeleno has access to good food – food that is healthy, fair, sustainable and affordable?

Join the LA Food Policy Council on Thursday August 17th for the 2017 Working Group Summit, #FoodFutures: Building the New Good Food for All Agenda. Weigh in on what’s next for food policy in Los Angeles and learn about the ways in which our Good Food movement can better center equity at every level of transformational change in our food system.

At the summit, we’ll review the latest updates of the Good Food for All Agenda, a blueprint for policy makers to help steward decisions around food policy in Los Angeles that reflects the priorities of the Good Food Movement. We’ll also workshop our “Good Food Ethics,” a set of principles designed to promote shared understanding of how to practice our values, define success and hold ourselves accountable to not inadvertently perpetuating inequitable systems or harmful behavior in our everyday work and organizations.

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