May Network Event: The Fight for Fair Food


Join us on Thursday May 25th for the Los Angeles Food Policy Council’s May Network Event—The Fight for Fair Food. 

LA is known for its street eats. From mayo-covered corn cob elotes, to pupusas, bacon-wrapped hot dogs and chili-sprinkled fruit, street food is an iconic aspect of Angeleno cuisine. Yet street vendors haven’t felt the love. A six year-long battle with the City has exposed how street vendors face criminal penalties for vending tacos and fruit, placing street vendors at the center of a local fight for a fair food policy. The battle to legalize street food illuminates how the way in which food comes to us is often fraught with troubling injustices, ranging from the unsafe conditions facing food workers, to broken immigration policies impacting our food system, to unequal access to healthy foods determined by which neighborhood one resides.

This panel discussion will explore local and national examples of how we as Angelenos and global citizens can create a fair food system for all.