Good Food Review of the Ballot

The “Good Food Review of the Ballot” was developed by the Los Angeles Food Policy Council to help LA County voters make informed decisions about local and state ballot measures proposed in the upcoming general election, through the perspective of the food system.  We do not make specific endorsements, but instead encourage you to include this information in your discussions with friends, family and colleagues about the important choices we must make for our communities in November.

LAFPC analyzed ballot measures specifically through the lens of how they could impact our local food system. Questions we asked about each ballot measure include:

  1. How will this measure affect the Los Angeles regional food system as a whole?
  2. How will it affect public health?
  3. What impact will it have on communities that do not have reliable access to healthy, affordable food and safe drinking water?
  4. Does this measure help promote environmental and economic sustainability and fair labor practices throughout the food chain?
  5. Does this measure help support a vibrant local food economy?

We encourage everyone to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 8th, and to keep the food system in mind!

Download the Good Food Review of the Ballot 2016.