The Good Food Purchasing Program launches nationally

GFPPLogo-WhiteBackground-WEBAlexa and Colleen are undertaking exciting next steps to test out scaling up the Good Food Purchasing Program to other U.S. cities! The Good Food Purchasing Policy supports major institutions to buy food that is healthy, locally grown, environmentally sustainable, and produced in a way that is fair to workers and humane to animals. The City of LA and LA Unified School District adopted the policy in 2012. With the success of GFPP in LA, we think this model has the potential to unify Good Food procurement efforts of governments and school districts across the country and create meaningful changes along the food supply chain.


To support this national expansion strategy, in July the LAFPC spun off the Good Food Purchasing Program to become its own entity, the Center for Good Food Purchasing (CGFP). The Center for Good Food Purchasing and a coalition of national partners, including Food Chain Workers Alliance, PolicyLink and the HEAL (Health, Environment, Agriculture/Access, Labor) Food Alliance are working with cities and food policy councils in Oakland, Chicago and others to establish this program in their local institutions.


The Center for Good Food Purchasing also manages a rigorous program that supports successful implementation of GFPP by verifying compliance, assisting participating food purchasing institutions in fulfilling their goals and commitments, and monitoring and rewarding progress over time.


Alexa and Colleen continue to work closely with the LA Food Policy Council and the LA-based Good Food Providers. The LAFPC will continue to work on the Good Food Purchasing Policy by expanding to other major LA institutions in 2016.  Stay tuned for more details on LAFPC’s efforts along with the Center for Good Food Purchasing in early 2016.