Help us reach our goal of 2,013 pledges!

Angelenos: have you signed the Good Food Pledge yet? 
Help us reach our goal of 2,013 pledges!
People who sign the Pledge support the Good Food movement in Los Angeles by committing to four action items:


  1. ENGAGE with your food! Learn where it came from, how it was grown, and the people who brought it to your plate.
  2. EAT at least one seasonal, local fruit or vegetable each day, from your own yard, or from within a 200-mile radius of Los Angeles.
  3. ENJOY a family dinner. This is a great opportunity to try a new recipe, get the whole family involved in meal preparation, and to savor the results together.
  4. CONNECT and get involved with LAFPC and other Good Food organizations to keep up with Good Food issues and events in Los Angeles. Check out the Connect section of this website for local organizations working on Good Food issues and try out our Day to Day steps.
Click HERE to pledge your support for food that is healthy, affordable, fair and sustainable!
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