LA2050 Challenge – Support the Good Food Purchasing Pledge

The Los Angeles Food Policy Council is excited to share a wonderful opportunity to move our Good Food vision forward. The Goldhirsh Foundation has launched the LA2050 Challenge, which asks organizations to submit their vision in shaping the future of Los  Angeles. Twelve top-voted organizations stand to win $100,000, and we’re vying to be one of them!
Good Food Purchasing Values
Our Good Food Purchasing Program is listed in the Environmental Quality category of the LA2050 Challenge. We submitted this program for consideration because it is a great example of cross-sector collaboration to advance holistic food system change — it harnesses the purchasing power of major institutions to encourage environmentally sustainable food production, healthy eating habits, respect for workers’rights, humane treatment of animals and support for the local business economy by providing new opportunities for small and mid-sized farmers and job creation along the supply chain. We believe our program will build a sustainable regional food economy while providing low-income residents in urban communities access to affordable, healthy, fair and sustainable food options.
Voting for the LA2050 challenge ends on Wednesday, April 17, 2013, and we would greatly appreciate your support and engagement.
Here are some ways you can take action to support our proposal:
1) Comment: Check out our LA2050 vision, and leave feedback on what you think of our idea. Any comments are helpful – the more the better! (You’ll have to create a GOOD account to post.)
2) Vote: Voting starts today and ends on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. We encourage you to vote during this period! Note that each person is allowed only one vote.
3) Share: Circulate our vision with your network, and encourage them to vote as well.
In addition, so many other great organizations (over 275 submissions!) are participating in this challenge. There are close to 30 food system proposals. We’ve listed the proposals of many of our partner organizations here – check them out!
It’s an exciting time for Los Angeles organizations committed to social change. Through our Good Food Purchasing Program, and our network of over 700 stakeholders from 325 organizations, the Los Angeles Food Policy Council can bring Los Angeles closer to a Good Food system. Thanks for your support!
25 Aquaponic Farms in 25 Schools” – EVO Farm and Social Justice Learning Institute
Environmental Quality (our category)
A Garden of Hope- A South LA Oasis of locally produced Vegetables and Fruits” – LA Neighborhood Land Trust and South Central Farmers
Seeds of Hope” – Netiya
Gardens, Gardens Everywhere” – The Learning Garden
Asphalt to Apples: Sprouting Healthy Kids and Gardens” – Garden School Foundation and UEPI
Pick-Up, Pop-Up Produce Station” – Watts  Labor Community Action Committee/Project Food LA.
Farm on Wheels” – Mia Lehrer + Associates and LA-Más Inc.
Income & Unemployment
LA Street Vendors: A Better Economy through Low-Income Entrepreneurs” – East LA Community Corporation (ELACC) and Leadership for Urban Renewal Now (LURN)
Social Connectedness